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What is your opinion about your gown?

The gown is very satisfying, very much suitable to what I wish to be, not to mention that it was very pleasant. Everyone commended my dress, mentioning that it was luxurious.

Why did you choose the gown over the others?

Because I really like the overall composition of my gown. The pattern detail embroidered in both the tulle and the gown is simply alluring. It was also very fit to my body when I wore it.

How was the journey in choosing the gown and setting up all your wedding necessities?

Initially I was a bit puzzled since there’s a lot of good gown besides the one I’m wearing. I had been asking for advices from all friends and relatives hehehe, so it’s a little bit complicated here and there, but in the end, I get the best choice that’s suitable for me.

What was your love journey in the first sight?

The first time I meet him was three years ago. I am invited to meet my friend in mcd and that is the time when we met. To cut it short, we’ve been dating until now when we decide to get married.

What would you suggest to the other upcoming bride and groom to set up a perfect wedding?

Well, for you newlywed candidates out there, the main advice that I can give when you’re on your way preparing your wedding is that everything being planned must be very detailed and very exact in its trivialities. And to add more things, it is necessary to discuss each other’s opinion; that’s the most important thing. The rest is just a wedding preparation trend which always takes a long time hehehe… Hopefully it is useful for you guys! ☺☺


February 24th 2019

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December 16th 2018

Warm Wedding Anecdote
from Thea & Ignatius

What do you like about your gown? What’s the reason that you choose this gown?

All gowns in Alissha’s collections are very beautiful. When I saw them, I spoke in my heart, “I really want to wear all of the gown!”. The style are unique and cute, from the long ball gown type of dress to the simplest one.

Why did you choose the gown over the others?

I chose Eloquence for my reception night because I’m a simple person, I don’t want to use complicated and long dress gown, and I don’t want to mess up the others by bringing up my tail during the ceremony.  Eloquence is all I want, a dress without tail and petticoat so I can be active to walk around the ballroom. I am an extrovert 😊

How was the journey in choosing the gown and setting up all your wedding necessities?

For the gown itself I have seen and checked a lot of gown at Alissha’s Instagram. I was told by my catering vendor, Nugroho Catering, about Alissha. Then I came to Alissha to try the dresses. My marriage preparation was so fast, I realized that it was hard to find a time to hang out with my husband. Due to my work in hospital, I must be ready for sudden job, while my husband was really busy that he always went out of town. Therefore, I had prepared everything such as invitation cards, catering, souvenir, etc; 7 months before the wedding day. Finally, we just need to prepare for the wedding dress and suit after all those things. The most complicated thing during my wedding preparation was the process in choosing the wedding dress; I need to come to Alissha several times. I was confused by the wedding dresses in Alissha, they are all so beautiful.

What was your love journey in the first sight?

My romantic love story was very much like Maria and Joseph in the Bible. We didn’t have any relationship like ‘pacaran’ moment, we just got to know each other. If you ask us about our relationship anniversary, we don’t know, “ditembak kapan aja aku gatau”. I just prayed to God and hope that He give me the best person to be my soulmate in life, and that person should come to my parents and ask them to marry me. God knows what best for me, it was only 1 year after I prayed, my husband talk to my parents and stated his commitment; at that time he didn’t know about my prayer. It was very beautiful living in God’s plan and always seek Him, He always gives me surprises. Thank you Jesus!

What would you suggest to the other upcoming bride and groom to set up a perfect wedding?

The last thing I want to tell you, if you want to get married, think about it very carefully, do you have the mental strength to get married? It’s not just about engagement, it’s more about commitment, to hold hands together in hard times.

Then to prepare all the wedding necessities, each of us needs to spare a time in the weekend to take care of all the needs. For my case, we couldn’t prepare everything just before the wedding day. We need to prepare everything long before the wedding day since our job is very much demanding.

Time management is important and you have to list out all the things needed to make your special day happen as you wish. By doing that you don’t have to worry about your wedding in your working days, you will not forget about anything because you have listed all the needs.

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Stephen & Jesica's
Precious Lovely Romance

December 1st 2018

       Subsequent to the discussion for a little bit about her wedding gown, she wore The Valencia, our Gold Class Gown collection and The Vesta, also from our Gold Class Gown. Let’s take a look of what she said.

       I really love my wedding gown both in holy matrimony and reception night. I really satisfied with Alissha’s service; a lot of my relatives said that my wedding gown is very beautiful especially with my blessing ceremony gown, it’s not only elegant, but courteous as well. It’s giving me a typically opulent and luxurious vibe. My blessing gown is such a modesty with zipper as its lid, making it a very light one. It is very different with my reception gown, due to its design possessing many lovely ornaments for its luxurious vibe, therefore making it a bit weighted.

       Our love tale starts when my ‘koko’ starts working at the same place as me. He’s a freshman in IC division, while I have worked longer there in finance division. At the beginning, he starts asking his co-workers about me, resulting in his co-workers matchmake me with him. One afternoon, they fetched my bottle and intentionally put it in koko’s desk, so that he can give it back to me and have a chit-chat with me :3.

       In the end, she leaves an message for having to ask more to those who’re married to get some insight, especially for fellas who’s totally blind about this wedding world. It’s definitely complicated, hence it’s better to ask those who’re more knowledgeable. But the most important thing of all is to pray, before planning everything 😊

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December 1st 2018

Tenderly Captivated Maiden Heart; a Tale from Donny & Novita

What do you like about your gown? What’s the reason you choose this gown?

The purity of gown’s color (white) which I like the most within quite pattern and polished style.

Why did you choose the gown over the others?

Simplicity and elegance of the style over anything with additional embroidery in precise and beautiful demeanor making the gown looks great.

How was the journey in choosing the gown and setting up all your wedding necessity?

At beginning, I was very confused in choosing the gown for either holy matrimony or ceremonial night, but in the end I only chose 1 gown because of my family tradition issue. Even though I had to come to Alissha a lot of times to try the bolero, I was really amazed with the result on my wedding day. I really love Alissha’s make up result, it was very beautiful and gorgeous, it was not a vain to wake up at dawn and only had 2 hours of sleep.

What was your love journey in the first sight?

I met my gorgeous ‘koko’ at the workplace because at that time we were having same business trip. We were friends at the beginning, and then we decided to have a serious relationship.

What would you suggest to the other coming bride and groom to set up a perfect wedding?

You should prepare your wedding day as soon as possible especially in choosing your gown, and always pray a lot so everything will be running well.

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Chaste Festivity of Novia - Hendric

How is your wedding dress?

I really like my wedding dress and I was satisfied by it. A lot of friends and relatives said that the dress was very fit for me. By the time I chose the dress, I felt like it is the one made for my wedding day.

Why you choose that dress?

First because of the fact that my body is small, I chose a ball-gown type of wedding dress to camouflage my small body.

What was the process like on finding your wedding dress?

The process took a long time, started by choosing bridal and went to a lot of exhibitions. Then we found Alissha and they are very welcome to us and gave us a lot of bonuses! My preparation for my wedding day is 1 year, so I had a lot of time to choose the right dress for me. I came to Alissha for several times to try different kind of dress, and finally I chose my first choice. It was very struggling.​

Would you like to share how you and your husband met?

I met my husband when I was in senior high school. At that time we were in our own relationship, we seldom met but there were a little bit of communications to get updates about each other condition. We were just friends back then, just talk about life and career. Then we finally met 2 years ago, both of us were single and we got close to each other and right now we are married!

What advice would you give for future brides in preparing their wedding?

In my opinion, we need to choose a couple that are fit for us, then we cannot follow our friends (wedding season), it will be better if we got married when we are ready mentally and financially.

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October 27th 2018

A Glimpse of Memoir from Yessica – Marco

October 27th 2018

       First time they met together in a meeting with vendor company, in the beginning there were no love at all, “I have no interest to him,” said Mrs. Yessica, their relation was only because of work, then both of them got to know each other as a friend. As time went by, they feel connected to each other and fell in love. They decided to be in a relationship, although it’s not easy being in a relationship, a lot of things happened, but after that they chose to share their life together in a marriage.

       Yessica said that she is really satisfied with her gown because the gown itself was made according to what her want on her special day. In the beginning she was really confused in choosing gown because all gown in Alissha are unique and gorgeous. Then she made her decision at our beautiful ball-gown, The Carnations, Satin-brocade Sabrina type of long ball-gown dress, entitled with its back uniqueness. She really love the simple and glamour design!

       She struggled a lot in preparing her special day, “I want to be super perfect in my very special day!”. She was really selective and tried almost all gown in Alissha’s wardrobe, but finally she chose only 2 gown for her special day.

     “You need to prepare everything CAREFULLY, you shouldn’t choose wrong wedding vendor especially for bridal because it’s the most crucial things for the bride. Choose the one you can trust like Alissha, hope Alissha will be greater in the future!” said Mrs. Yessica.

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